040 Le Treport

In front of the lighthouse in Le Tréport

I was raised in Gissigheim, a small village close to Würzburg right in the center of Germany. It was a great childhood in the middle of lots of nature. Back then we didn’t have smartphones and only three TV channels. So I was froced to occopy myself with something else. My favourite pasttime was to go out into the woods with a freind right after lunch. Soon we knew where the best places were to watch animals. And then there were the Sunday mornings when I did the same with my father. He knew the places were rare palnst would grow and bloom. In my home region a lot of orchids and other plants that are usually to be found in the Alps are grwoing wild. Today I still love to be out and about in nature. Either while hiking in the Alps close to Munich, where I live now or with my bike.

When I grew into my teenage years the small village was getting too tight up and I felt the grwoing urge to explore the world. So travelling became my aspiration. When I had to choose my profession the wish to be able to travel was on top of my list. Infected by my mothers family i finally choose gastronomy. Actually I would have loved to become a pastry chef but back then couldn’t find an apprenticship position. But baking is still one of my passions.

After my apprenticeship as waiter I started my world tour in stages. I will write about the places I have seen ever since, because I think that other people might be interested to read about them.

At one point I had enough of working weekends and on top mostly in the evening. So I looked for a new challenge. That was when I decide to change my profession. Since travelling was still my favourite passion it was only logical that I strated working in tourism. And thats what I do now for over 20 years.

There are two destinations I know pretty well and that I love deeply.

Since I was born on the 4th of July I obviously have a special relation with the USA. My favourite regions are New England and Hawaii. Boston is for me one of the most beautiful towns in the world and I love going back there whenever I have the chance to do so. Hawaii impressed me not only with its exotic nature but even more with its locals that cherish there Aloha-spirit. Nowhere else on this planet I have met people that are so open to evrything. It doesn’t matter where you come from, it’s your person that counts. That’s real existing mulit-cultural live.

My second favourite destination is France. Through family bonds I already sepnt a lot of time there in my childhood and learned the language along the way. This country unlocks itself the best when you do speak the language since the French are not that good in learning other languages. But if one speaks French you can explore a ton of different great things. That’ll be another topic on this blog.

So my dear readers be curios to explore my articles.

And if you like my pictures you can download them here.

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