Another of my Munich favorites

A very special movie theatre

At the moment my home base is the beautiful town of Munich, also nicknamed the million people village. This town offers a lot of different things to do despite drinking beer and going to the Oktoberfest.

One of my favorites is an old fashioned cinema where the interior seems to come straight from the 1950’s. Just very cute and not as big as many of those modern movie theaters. I love going to the movies, but to be honest I am not that much into those action blockbusters coming from Tinseltown.

Hidden in one of Munich’s more upscale Shopping streets is the Theatiner Film. They show mostly European films in original language, but subtitled in German. A lot of those films are French and since I speak the language this is a good way keep up with it.

One of the last movies we saw, was a film called “The souvenir” where an old lady was placed in a retirement home by her family. She actually doesn’t like it too much, because she feels to young to be there and escapes. Her grandson eventually finds her in the town where she was born and raised. This film is at times very funny, but at the same time it is also melancholic. Just the way I love it.

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