Easter Hike in the Tegernsee region

April was already pretty warm and so I decided to profit from the great weather on Easter Sunday and go on a first tour in the mountains. It was pretty clear that after those heavy snowstorms of the last winter there would still be tons of snow. So I chose a hike that doesn’t bring me to real high elevations and get a great panoramic view anyway. In the end I was shown that I wanted to climb too high.


duration: approx. 5 hours
length: approx. 9,5 miles
difference in elevation: 2230 ft.

Perfect weather, no cloud in the sky, there is no holding me back anymore. The mountains are calling. So I get up early in the morning on this Easter Sunday and take a train to Tegernsee. From there I continue on a bus to Scharling, which belongs to Kreuth on the southern end of the lake.

The bus stop is on the village outskirts and that early in the morning there is no soul to be seen on the street. Since I am planning to get back on the bus right here after the tour I am taking a picture of the schedule. I don’t want to wait forever for the bus at the end of my tour.


I follow a small street passing a few houses. On a farm I see those cute calves in a small compound. The higher summits surrounding me are, as expected, still covered with snow. But on my route it doesn’t look like snow, at least for the moment. Today I plan to climb the „HIrschberg“, a rather popular summit with only 5500 ft. Apparently one has a great view of the Tegernsee lake and into the Alps.


Blick in die Berge von Scharling

A few minutes later I already reach the forest. On the side of the road there is a small hut where I can see a sign. On this sign it says that the „HIrschberghaus“, a cabin where I wanted to have lunch, is closed. Too bad. I won’t be starving to death, though, I brought a few snacks along. So I continue with the ascent.


Everywhere in the forest there are the first spring flowers in full bloom. Beautiful! Here in the mixed forest it is a bit cooler as in the direct sunlight since the broadleef trees don’t have leafs yet. This fact let’s the sun come through. The road is easy to walk. At the start it was still tared but now it is a well prepared forest road which is winding leisurely and not too steep uphill.


After about an hour I come across the first fields of snow. I guess I am now on about 3300 ft. I am still hoping that the sun has melted away the snow on the summit. Let’s see what there is still to come.


The forest is less dense now and so from time to time I do get glimpses of the close by „Wallberg“. This summit is still deeply covered with snow. Again and again I stop and admire the beautiful spring flowers along the road. It’s always a pleasure to see mother nature coming back to life after those short and grey winter days.


So I reach a high valley at the „Botzeck“. In places where the sun didn’t get too there is still a lot of snow. But the meadows on the sunny side are free of it. Since the „Hirschberghaus“ is open during the winter they must have cleared the road every once in a while. When I reach this supply cabin I am standing in front of this mountain of snow. Must be the remains of the heavy snowfall in january. At the beginning of january we had about 12 inches of snow in Munich and this storm has dumped a lot more here at the edge of the mountains.


The road continues above the valley of the Holzpoint-alp. The pasture is shining in the fresh green of spring but now I can see that the summits I want to climb today are still covered with snow. Will be interesting to see how deep. When the snow is not too soft I can still walk over it. But I do have first doubts if I will be standing on top of a summit today.


Despite it looking as if I will miss the summit I continue to walk. On my map I can see that there are alternatives like hiking back to Bad Wiessee instead of climbing the sumit. I went to the mountains to enjoy the fresh and clean air and spend a day in the nature. So that’s what I am doing.


The sky is shining in a deep blue and there is still not a single cloud to be seen. Even here in the forest the temperatures are very mild and I do enjoy this tour a lot. Feels like vacation. I comfortably continue direction Hirschberg and soon reach a cabin from where they do send the supplies to the Hirschberghaus via ropeway.


This cabin sits on a clearing in the woods. Here too the sunny part is free of snow. On a tree there is again the sign telling me that the cabin is closed at the moment. I shortly consider climbing up the mountain anyway but the approx. 5 feet of snow barring the path lading uphill make me decide to postpone this climb. There are quite a few hikers walking up to the summit but since I am not equipped for a walk on snow I am looking for a nice spot in the sun and consider what I am going to do.


On my map I look at the trail leading to Bad Wiessee. This seems not to be too far. And there I can catch a bus bringing me to the train station in Gmund and back home from there. On top it looks as if there are two cabins on this way. Mabe I am lucky and one of them is open. As you might know, a break at one of those mountain cabins is a must do on my hikes.


When I continue the snowmasses are piling up in impressive heights to the left and the right. At least the road is clear. On one hand I am a bit dissapointed that I won’t be climbing a summit today but on the other hand I did somewhat expect this. A few minutes later I reach a crossing and the sign towards Bad Wiessee shows right into the snow. I can’t see the path. Here I do have to cross the snow. There are two mountain bikers behind me. They do shoulder thier bikes and walk across it. At least it is hard enough to cross it without slipping or sinking in.


Every once in a while I get a glimpse of the surrounding mountains through the leaveless trees. I soon have left the snow behind and am walking along a paved forest road. The next cabin that is marked on my map is called Bauer in der Au and shoudln’t be too far anymore. Meanwhile I am getting real thursty and a bit hungry.


At one point I even get a view of the Tegernsee deep down in the valley. The road winds in long curves towards the valley and after one last turn it leads through an alley to a huge house which is surrounded by a wall. A mountain cabin for a break would look more inviting. Well, this seems to be one of those villas that made people give the nickname „Lago di Bonzo“ to the lake. But here in the middle of nowhere? Wonder who gave the building permit for this manor.


I find myself in a high valley. There is no more snow and everywhere primroses are in full bloom. Behind another turn I can see a cabin in the far. Finally a place for a rest with drink and food. On top I would need to use the bathroom. But the closer I get the presentiment that something is not as I would expect rises. To my deep dissapointment I have to realize a few minutes later that this cabin is permanently closed. Actually it was turned into a residential building. Again no lunchbreak.


So I am taking a few shots of the primroses and the scenery before I continue my tour. As per my map there should be another cabin on my way: The Söllbachklause. Maybe I have more luck there. The path leads downhill for a short time. But soon I do reach the valley with a small creek. Due to the snowmelt it carries a good amount of water. The burbling sound of it is quite soothing.


On may way I come across quite a few hikers that want to walk up to the Bauer in der Au. Apparently it hasn’t been closed for such a long time. The setting would have been perfect for a lunch break. A short time afterwards the forest road turns into a tarred road and there are quite a lot of people around now. Just behind the Söllbachklause is a parking lot which means that there are big nubers of sunday strollers around. I do reach another turn with a sign leading to the Auer Alm that is open to the public and serving drink and food. So I start the ascent and hope that it is not too far. But already after a few minutes I turn around. It is too far to walk for me today.


Finally I do reach the Söllbachklause. Again I am dissapointed to see that this cabin is abandonded as well. It obviously has been a while since the last person was here. Could have been the perfect conclusion of my hike. Too bad. The parking lot can’t be that far anymore. So I continue my tour. I will have to search for the next bus stop. Hungry, thursty and a bit dissapointed I do reach the parking lot. At least there is a clean bathroom I can use.


From the parking lot I walk into the direction of the village center. There has to be a main road somewhere and a bus stop along this road. This road is not too far but now I don’t know in which direction I will find the closest bus stop. So I am asking a man that comes along my way and he tells me to continue along the road direction Bad Wiessee. But there are too many cars for my taste.


At least he has a few tips for me where to find a nice beergarden. So I follow the road for a bit untill I reach a sign showing the way to th center. A few minutes later I reach the shores of the lake and continue through a nice trimmed park direction a pier. Apparently there are two beergardnes to be found .


The first one I see is the one of the hotel Königslinde and since it looks very inviting I am trying to find a place to sit. This time I am lucky. I think I have a earned this beer. When it finally arrives it doesn’t take long before it’s gone again. The beergarden is packed and so I have to wait some time before my food arrives. The view of the lake and the delicious food are making up for the dissapointments of this day.

060-bad wiessee

After my break it is not that far to get to the bus stop next to the Gasthof Post. All in all it was a great day in the mountains even if it didn‘ match my preview.

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