Hike to the summit of the Mirnock

This mountain has the nickname mountain of different worlds. You do find remarkable fields of energy that have been used already by the Celts. Apart from that this is a spectacular, but also a bit strenous tour, during which you will be rewarded with spectacular panoramic views of the entire Lake Millstatt. During this hike you won’t come across any cabins where you could enjoy a drink or meal, so make sure you take enough provisions with you.

001-blick vom posegger

Former Inn Posegger, the starting point

When I start my tour on this morning it is still a bit foggy and cool. But I can see that this will be another fantastic day with splendid weather. To get to the point of depart I have to drive all the way to Döbriach at the eastern end of the lake. From here I have to pass the hamlets of Glanz and Gschriet to the former Posegger Inn sitting on 4000 ft. The Inn has closed it’s restaurant but you can still rent rooms at Renates Einkehr that offer fantastic views. Just like the one  you see in the picture above. I park my car and start todays tour.

Just beyond the farm a sign shows to the right on a path that steeply rises over a meadow. Despite the great weather there aren’t many people around and apart from the top of the summit I will hardly meet any people today. After a short ascent over the meadow the path vanishes into the woods. Here it is rather cool and the sun can’t get through the dense coniferous forest.

The sometimes strenous ascent

At first the path rises in serpentines uphill and is easy to walk. What is missing are signs and so I am glad that I brought a hiking map of the area along. On the other side it is almost impossible to get lost since there is only this one path. After walking for some time the path is covered by freshly chipped branches. Looks like the owner of the forest didn’t count on any hikers that late in the year and did cut down a few trees. Since the path can’t be seen anymore I have to count on my sense of orientation and climb over those branches into the direction I think is the good one. Finally I do reach a forest road. This must be the way to continue. There is just this electric fence I have to step over.

Here on the Mirnock I come not only across those beautifully colored larches but also some birches in bright orange. I follow the forest road a bit farther and reach a clearing from where I can see the summit. This helps finding my way without looking at the map all the time. I also get a glimpse of the whole Lake and the „Hohe Tauern“ mountain range. I do enjoy the clean crisp air and the panorama.

The trail leads in a southern direction and I can now look at the Dobratsch, a mountain that sits opposite the Mirnock on the other side of the Drau river valley. I have visited the Dobratsch on my last stay here. You can reach it via the scenic route „Villacher Alpenstrasse“. The Dobratsch sits almost on the border of Austria-Slovenia-Italy. I will talk about it in a later post.

Soon I reach a small slope leading me to a pasture. Here is actually a sign showing me where to continue. The path leads pretty straight forward and steep up the mountain. I have left the dense forest behind and come across groups of trees with beautifully colored larches.

Magnificent panorama above the timberline

The higher I climb the more impressing becomes the panorama around me. Looking into the Hohe Tauern in the far east I can again distinguish the Großglockner again. It is really fascinating how far you can look from here. Hiking in the mountains means clearing my head completely. Apparently I am totally immerged in admiring this spectacular scenery that I am startled when another hiker crosses my way.

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Just below the summit of the Bodeneck, a neighbouring summit of the Mirnock on almost 6600 ft. the path makes a right turn and continues a bit more even parallel to the mountain ridge. That means that the last 300 ft. in elevation are being done on a rather long stretch but are an easy walk. So I can go back to admiring the surrounding.

I am now really above the timberline and do cross small trees on rare occasions. The reward are those breathtaking views. Plus this georgeous weather and this almost infinite clear views. This is more than words can say. Can’t get enough of it.

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The Mirnock summit

Finally I have made it. I am standing on the summit of the Mirnock. As always J get this feeling of freedom and bliss. After climbing almost 3000 ft. I am overwhelmed by this panorama and have earned a break. After meeting just one man during my ascent I am astonished to see a few more people up here. Two ladies are checking on their smartphones how many feet they did climb and -most important – how many calories they have burned on their way up here. Funny enough they excuse themselves for doing so which leads to a discussion about keeping staring on your phone. But in case of an emergency those gadgets are very helpful. We do take pictures of one another.

I am looking for a comfortable place to sit down and soak in the views. Simply spectacular. It’s so beautiful up here. I could sit here for hours. But I have to descend again since sleeping up here is not an option. A last look around and a couple of pictures and off I go.

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Pristine nature during the descent

To get down the mountain I have chosen anouther route that will bring me back to the road a bit further down from the Posegger and than lead me back to my car. A few minutes after leaving the summit I come across a sign leading me to the Neugartenhütte. Interesting name for a mountain cabin since it means the new garden. The path leads as straight as a dart back to the bottom of the mountain. This is a bit straining since I have to slow myself down all the time. Maybe I should finally buy some walking sticks. With those I could slow down easier and give my knees a rest on such trails.

There is no real path only every once in a while I do see marks on rocks. Doesn’t make it easier to find my way. When I reach this fenced spring I do see one of those marks and guess that I have to turn right here. But I find out pretty fast that I was mislead and that I have to turn to the left instead and continue to descend along this steep slope. Since I am still walking straight downwards I soon reach the woods again.

The meadow turns in a large field of alpine roses. In early summer when the alpenglow is in full bloom this must be an ocean of pink. Another reason to come back here. At least I finally have a path I can follow. Since the forest is not too dense I can still marvel at the scenery. What a beautiful day.

The last stretch: an easy stroll

At one point I do reach a forest road. This is where I meet a biker. Have fun climbing this mountain on your bike! But he is a wise man, locks his bike on a tree and continues by foot. If he would have taken his bike on the path I just came down he would have had to carry it.  I have seen a crazy guy once doing just this. Would be too tiring for me. Again it takes some time until I find out where to continue. The forest being more dense down here I can’t orientate myself on the surrounding. But thanks to my map I do find the right way and soon I am standing at the Neugarten cabin.

Below this hunting cabin the slope has been cleared and I can enjoy once more a great panoramic view. Unfortunately there is no drink and food service at this cabin. This would have been a great place for a nice break. On top I am really thirsty. I guess I have to keep to my water bottle. A bit further down the mountain I can see the road that will bring me back to my car and the farm called Spielerhof.

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From here I have a choice on how to continue my tour. There is a gravel road winding down the mountain in serpentines or I take the short cut and continue walking straight down the hill. Just like on quite a few other places the forest on this part of the mountain has been cut down offering panoramic views on one side, but leaving me too with a feeling of regret that the mountain is so bleak. At least they leave it up to mother nature to regrow whatever she thinks is suitable here.

Soon I do reach again dense forest and continue walking in the shades. On a clearing I see this cabin that is obviously privately owned. I would love to spend a couple of days here. But it doesn’t look like there is any power or running water. The toilet is in a small hut to the side of the cabin.

The tour continues along a forest road leading me deeper into the forest.

On the side of the road I see this interestingly colored fern. The road is easy to walk and so the hike is becoming an easy stroll bringing me soon to the Spielerhof. Too bad, there is no service here either and still no cool drink in sight.

From the Spielerhof it is only a short walk to the street that’ll bring me back to the Posegger but before I get into my car and drive back to my friends I want to check out those fields of power I read about.

The fields of power

When I started planning my trip to Carinthia I read on several websites that on this mountain you can find fields of strong energy that one can’t measure but apparently feel. I am not really an esoteric person but these reports have caught my interest. Apparently there are two lines crossing on the summit that lead from Austria into Slovenia and Italy. Along the first line you can find a big number of cloisters while on the second line there is a significant number of cultic places from celtic times lined up. On several signs there is an explanation of the meaning of such places. Most people will feel a pleasant prickling. I am also told that the energy that is flowing here supports healing process and helps reduce stress. I have to admit that I did feel a prickle in my arms. The signs tell you that you should stay in this energy field for as long as you feel comfortable. Somehow this reminds me of the Polynesian Hawaiians that called this energy mana and were convinced that you do need this energy in order to stay healthy and alive.

After I did recharge my batteries with the energy I go back back to my car and drive back to my lodging. But not without a last glimpse over the lake.

105-blick auf wald und see

Blick über den See

I hope you did like this post as well as my others and do now feel the urge to go to the mountains. Please leave your comments below. Have you been to this region? Did you already visit those fields of power?

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