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 Scenically this is one the most beautiful tours, I hiked so far. I had to stop pretty often to admire the monumental mountain scenery. And here comes the good thing about this hike: You don’t need to be shaped up for Iron Man to walk this tour. The ascent through the Laliederer valley is mostly smooth. There is just one relatively short steep ascent to the Falkenhütte and the descent to the… Weiterlesen

This tour isn’t too exhausting, but you will need to be able to walk in uneven terrain and be free from giddiness. You will be rewarded with beautiful views and with a bit of luck you will encounter an ibex. And don’t forget to save some energy for the descent. It is not very steep and follows good walkable paths, but it is a rather long one.

Ein herzförmiger Metallrahmen ist mit Holzscheiten gefüllt

Back in the 1980’s there was a TV-Series on German TV that emptied the streets on a regular basis. Everybody was sitting in front of its screen and waited for the latest news on family Brinkmann and the Schwarzwaldklinik (Black Forest Clinic). Apparently some viewers went so far as to believe they existed for real and went to ask Professor Brinkmann for medical help. For those of you, who haven’t seen it,… Weiterlesen

Ein Heißluftballon von innen

It was the last weekend in August and I had an invitation from one of our business partners to spend a weekend on the beautiful Tegernsee. I just love that valley, but do visit seldom, since the driving to get there can be an agony, especially on weekends. Once you leave the hihgway coming from Munich it can easily take an hour to drive the 16 miles to Rottach at the southern… Weiterlesen

Time is really running fast. Who would have thought 25 years ago how well situated we will be today. I ahve to admit that back then I was rather skeptical. I didn’t believe in the „blooming landscapes“ our chancellor Kohl had promised. But meanwhile I was happily disabused. One most certainly could debate now, if this has proven to be right or if the country is still divided. But I will leave… Weiterlesen

Blick durch Baeume auf das Zugspitzmassiv

We finally had a great summer again. Well, at least here in Bavaria. And I actually picked the perfect time for my vacation at home. So I decided to make the best out of it and enjoy the somewhat cooler days (when the temperature dropped to the mid 70’s) and drive again to the mountains and go on a hike. Garmisch-Partenkirchen, bavarian small town with international flair This time I drove to… Weiterlesen

Kirche im Dorf Spitzingsee mit Bergen im Hintergund

I just love the summer heat and this summer was really great so far here in Munich. So I decided to spend my 3 weeks off here in Munich and it’s beautiful surroundings. There is quite a lot to explore here and I am asking myself, why I did neglect all this until know. I mean, there are people traveling around the globe to come here and visit Bavaria. So why should… Weiterlesen

Easter holiday was coming up and friends of ours announced their visit with their 7 year old daughter. So the question came up what we could do that means fun for the adults as well as the child. The weather forecast said it would be snowing, so there went the egg hunt in the park. After some serious thinking we came up with the idea to go to the puppetry. Their playhouse… Weiterlesen

The Romantic Road After having talked about Würzburg, I would like to introduce you to one Germany’s most liked scenic routes, the “Romantische Straße” along which you will see old medieval towns and villages paired with quaint scenery. First stop is Tauberbischofsheim, known for its fencers. And the town where I went to school. A short side trip through the valley of the Tauber will bring you to Bronnbach a former monastery… Weiterlesen

Welcome to the sequel of my last entry. Würzburg, a franconian city Würzburg was during my childhood days THE big city and going there was always something very exciting for me. First of all we mostly went there to do some shopping and I knew I wouldn’t come home empty handed and since we mostly spent the day, lunch in a restaurant was part of the deal. My preferred restaurant was place… Weiterlesen

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