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Ein Heißluftballon von innen

It was the last weekend in August and I had an invitation from one of our business partners to spend a weekend on the beautiful Tegernsee. I just love that valley, but do visit seldom, since the driving to get there can be an agony, especially on weekends. Once you leave the hihgway coming from Munich it can easily take an hour to drive the 16 miles to Rottach at the southern… Weiterlesen

Panoramablick über die Alpen südlich von Lenggries

It was again one of those beautiful days this August as we had so many this summer. And it happened to be a Sunday. The tropical heat was gone for now and so I heard the mountain calling. The challenge was how to get there. I didn’t want to get up at 6 a.m. to be on the road before the masses block the highways. But during the summer school holidays they… Weiterlesen

Panoramablick über die Alpen südlich von Lenggries

Es war mal wieder ein schöner Sonntag im August. Die große Hitze des Sommers hatte sich fürs erste verabschiedet und ich hatte mal wieder das der-Berg-ruft-Gefühl. Stellte sich nur mal wieder das Problem wie hin kommen. Ich bin nicht der Typ, der am Sonntag morgens um 6 aufsteht, nur um vor der Masse in die Berge zu fahren. Im August sind aber die Autobahnen Richtung Süden spätestens ab 8 Uhr verstopft. Also… Weiterlesen

Blick durch Baeume auf das Zugspitzmassiv

We finally had a great summer again. Well, at least here in Bavaria. And I actually picked the perfect time for my vacation at home. So I decided to make the best out of it and enjoy the somewhat cooler days (when the temperature dropped to the mid 70’s) and drive again to the mountains and go on a hike. Garmisch-Partenkirchen, bavarian small town with international flair This time I drove to… Weiterlesen

Kirche im Dorf Spitzingsee mit Bergen im Hintergund

I just love the summer heat and this summer was really great so far here in Munich. So I decided to spend my 3 weeks off here in Munich and it’s beautiful surroundings. There is quite a lot to explore here and I am asking myself, why I did neglect all this until know. I mean, there are people traveling around the globe to come here and visit Bavaria. So why should… Weiterlesen

Blick auf einen Pavillon mit Statue und die Türme der Münchner Frauenkirche

Finally the days are getting longer and the temperatures are rising. With that said it is about time to spend more time outdoors. Explore Munich by bike Munich is a city with lots of open space and green and offers a bunch of outdoor activities. My favorite way to move around town is my bike. In the “Englischer Garten” or along the river Isar there are lots of bike paths which enable… Weiterlesen

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