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Ein einzelner Baum steht auf einer trockenen Wise vor imposanter Bergkulisse

Today I want to talk about my favourite tour on Maui. You can split this tour in two for more enjoyment. After all you’ll explore one of the most spectacular coastal drives of the world. I liked the Road to Hana that much that I drove it three times. But before you go on this trip you should keep in mind that on this tour the road is the destination. Sure it… Weiterlesen

Blick über den Krater des Haleakala auf Maui

Today we will explore another part of Maui. In this post I will lead you to magnificent beaches, talk about sea mammals and reveal a „secret“ of a real spectacular sunrise.

Buddhastatue vor bergigem Hintergrund

Ok, I have to admit that it`s a while since I visited Maui, but back then I have cheched out this island thoroughly and feel able to tell you something about it. Maui`s nickname is the „Valley Isle“ and is actually divided in 2 parts that are connected through a broad and falt valley. The smaller northwestern part is where you will find most of the island. Between Lahaina and Kapalua are… Weiterlesen

Buddhastatue vor bergigem Hintergrund

Ok, I have to admit it’s been a while since I’ve been to Maui, but during that visit I did explore as much of the island as possible and therefore will be able to tell you something about it. One of Maui’s nicknames is the „Valley Isle“ and it actually consists of two parts that are linked by braod flat valley. It’s smaller northwestern part is the place where you will find… Weiterlesen

Today we will explore the south and the west of Kauai. You can look forward to a bunch of different highlights. So make yourself comfortable and enjoy reading. Wailua River and surroundings The Wailua River is the only river on the Hawaiian Islands, where ships can be used. If you are more of an active person you can book a guided canoe tour. For all of you that think this is too strenuous… Weiterlesen

Blick aus einem erhöhten Fenster über den Waikiki Beach zum Diamond Head Krater

Oahu is not the biggest, but the most densly inhabited island. It is the seat of the state government and the US-Marine as well as the Airforce have large bases here. In the Honolulu metropolitan area live almost a million people. Waikiki Beach, skyscrapers on one of the worlds best known beaches Waikiki Beach is the touristic center. When I first came here I thought that the lively center around Kalakaua and Kuhio… Weiterlesen

Blick vom Strand über das Blaue Meer auf eine Bergkette in der Ferne

Polynesian roots The Polynesian culture of the native Hawaiians fascinated me right from my first contact and I was trapped in admiration. It is so different from my European roots, but on the other side there are a lot of similarities with our pre-roman cultures. It’s based on the necessity to live in accord with mother nature and can teach us quite a lot in our time, where our technical progress has… Weiterlesen

Panoramablick vom Meer auf Waikiki und Diamond Head

When you do business with the Hawaiian Islands you will most certainly communicate in English, but soon you will realize that Hawaiians are using words you won’t understand right away. For a very long time the Hawaiian language and culture have been suppressed and anything Hawaiian was looked at as something uneducated natives would use. Today this has gratefully changed and Hawaiians can once again be proud of their very own history… Weiterlesen

Panoramablick vom Meer auf Waikiki und Diamond Head

Wenn man beruflich mit Hawaii zu tun hat, wird die Kommunikation natürlich auf Englisch stattfinden, aber schnell merkt man, dass die Einheimischen Worte verwenden, die man nicht versteht. Lange Zeit wurde das Hawaiianische unterdrückt und sowohl Kultur, wie auch die Sprache galten im besten Fall als etwas, das die ungebildeten Ureinwohner verwendeten und lebten. Heute ist das Gott sei Dank anders und die Hawaiianer dürfen stolz sein, auf ihre eigene Geschichte. Es… Weiterlesen

Drei Fotos mit Palmen im Sonnenuntergang

As I already mentioned in my introduction I had the pleasure to work for a large tour operator in Germany and being in charge of the product of Hawaii. At times very challenging 5 years, but through this job I grew to really love the islands. And get some deep insight. Like probably for the most of you visiting Hawaii was one of my once in a lifetime dreams. In my imagination… Weiterlesen

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